Saturday, January 4, 2014

Pastor John Collins of the Bringing Back God Church is IGNITING a Sincere Passion to Serve Christ.

"Breath New Life into your Love for Jesus Christ, Come to the Bringing Back God Church, where you will be loved, heard and considered family. Where your faith will be restored and your hope of better days will be alive and well."

"Pastor John Collins is said to be the Best kept Secret in the Ministry. It is clear that he is inspiring many across christian faiths and truly bringing people back to God and not just in one town but also in his dedication to opening the doors of hope and faith to bring god back into people's lives in multiple states as he is restoring old churches set to be apartment buildings or other commercial options, and keeping sacred ground, sacred.

Pastor John Collins believes that churches were meant to be places of worship and they should stay that way.

Pastor John Collins and the Bringing Back God Church is not only restoring old churches, but is also restoring faith and bringing hope to many who have long lost both.

Pastor John Collins and his church, the Bringing Back God Church TRULY does follow the second greatest commandment, "Love thy Neighbor". And Pastor John Collins does this every single day for ALL who call on him.

Pastor John Collins does so in sickness and health, no matter what he is personally going through, he is always there for those who call on him. I have personally sought counsel from Pastor John Collins for over 4 years and he has never failed to be there for me, not one time.

I have also interviewed many who Pastor John Collins has been there for and whom he has gave the hope to want to stay on this Earth.
Pastor John Collins believes in doing what is right and helping those in need whenever you can, and he himself, does so everyday from what I have seen over the 4 years I have known and talk to Pastor Collins pretty much every single day, as I was going through some heavy life issues and needed constant support and a compassionate, knowledgeable ear.

Pastor John Collins has a passion for righteousness. And he himself lives this passion, best he can every day of his life. This is clear to all who see and hear his sermons or seek his counsel as he truly does brings this passion and hope to others every day.

Pastor John Collins has an uncommon approach to bringing god back into the lives of those who reach out to him. He is the kind of guy who will help you to higher ground without making you feel shame or guilt for where you have been. His motto is a hand up, not a hand out. As he gives and gives and never fails to help those who ask him.

Pastor John Collins has been a steady rock in the heavy currents of my life that threatened to take me away from God, and at times away from life itself.

Pastor John Collins has gave me the will to live more times than I could admit to. When I could no longer fight the storms of this life, I would reach to my phone which he made sure was always paid up, as a lifeline for me, and I would call him for a will to live, a reason to move on through, and Pure HOPE.

When I needed to just hold on, to make it through the day, the night, I reached for Pastor John Collins and he has never failed to be there for me, NOT ONE TIME. I know for a fact, that I am not the only one he has been there for to this level, year after year.

I have complete faith that Pastor John Collins of the Bringing Back God Church is truly leading a refreshingly different, very powerful Christian Movement to Bring thousands and thousands faith, hope and Back to God. And I for one, have no doubt that he will succeed."

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